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Author's Note: Contains yaoi and smut! Enjoy! ^^

"Yo, Iggy!"
That obnoxious American accent had shaken England from his daydream. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He'd never admit it, but that obnoxious accent of America's was one he had come to love. Even if it did butcher the Queen's language, he still found it interesting to hear his accent at times. "Bloody git," England began. "There's no need to yell."
Everyone had left the World Meeting and England had stayed behind to finish his cup of tea in silence. Apparently, America's presence proved otherwise.
"Dude, quit your complaining! You should be totally psyched you're coming to my place tonight!"
England blushed "W-what? Since when did I agree to that?!"
America laughed, "Since Japan bailed out on movie night!"
England's heartbeat slowed back down. He was in love with America, but refused to say so. Besides, America doesn't love him back, right?
"Well," England said and took a last sip of tea, setting it down on the table "I had nothing beter to do tonight."
"Awesome! I am so not going to be freaked out by the horror movie we're gonna watch!" He ran out the door, laughing. "See ya later!" America said, shutting the door behind him.
England heard America's footsteps down the steps and he muttered to himself quietly "I can't wait, love...."


England knocked on America's door and almost instantly, the door flung open. A hand reached out from the other side and pulled England into the dark house. "Gah!" England said, startled by this.
"D-d-dude, I s-started t-the movie without you a-a-and I'm so sca-- not scared!"
England realized that America had slammed the door shut behind England and now America's arms were wrapped around him. He was glad the lights were off because England was blushing a deep shade of red. England cleared his throat and said, "America, why did you start the movie without me?"
"I got bored and I finished the popcorn, so I had nothing to do!" To prove himself, America pointed to an empty bag of popcorn on the coffee table.
"Well I'm here now, so I suppose I may as well finish the movie with you," England said.
America nodded and lead England to the couch and sat down. England sat next to him, still blushing uncontrollably. England watched the television screen where there were screams of a young girl and some ghost with an axe. "Oh man!" America said, squeezing his eyes shut. "That chuck is so going to get kil--" The girl's screams cut him off as he yelped and clung to England's side. "Holy shit that's scary! Iggy, you're Me. Pillow tonight!!"
England didn't say anything, actually enjoying America being that close. "This movie is so freakin' scary!!" America said, burying his face in England's chest. England blushed again and said, "America, it's not that scary..."
"Just turn it off!! I-I'm scared!"
England blinked. Did America really just admit he was scared? England stopped the movie and turned the television screen off. America would never admit he was scared unless he was truly terrified. "It's alright, America. I'm here..."
America hugged England tightly. "Thanks, Iggy."
"My pleasure..." England mumbled.
"H-hey, Iggy?" America said, looking up at England with terror-filled blue eyes. "I-I'm still really scared... Do you think y-you could stay the night with me? J-just for once....?"
England smiled, despite his thoughts. "Sure, if it will make you feel better."
America stood up from the couch and walked into his bedroom, carrying England in his arms.
"I can use my own damn legs!"
"I know, but I just wanted to carry you..."
"O-oh..." England blushed for the millionth time that night and America set him down on the bed. America laid down on the opposite side.
After a while of getting comfortable and England complaining about having to share a bed, they were both facing each other, England already asleep. America stared at the ceiling in silence. He couldn't sleep. He shook England's shoulders. "Iggy....Iggy, I can't sleep..."
England opened one eye and looked at America. "Well I could. What the bloody hell do you want me to do?"
America hesitantly leaned over and kissed England deeply. England's eyes widened, then closed as he deeened the kiss. America pulled back and said, "I love you..."
England blushed, "I-I love you too..."
America kissed him again and purred in his ear "But I still can't sleep~"
England smirked and said, "Well let's do something about that, shall we~?"
America instanly rolled on top of England, straddling his waist and started attacking England's neck with rough kisses, making England moan softly. He sucked on the weak spot in England's neck, leaving a purple love mark. America started unbuttoning England's shirt and undoing his tie. England wrapped his arms around America's neck and kissed him as he felt his shirt being removed and thrown on the floor. America kissed back passionately. As they kissed, they felt themselves getting more and more excited. America broke the kiss and rubbed England's inner thighs. England unbuckled America's belt and tugged his pants down. England giggled at the American flag boxers. "Nice boxers~" he said. America quickly tugged down England's pants, revealing his Union Jack boxers and said "Ditto~"
America began kissing England's chest and rubbing England's hard member through the boxers. England moaned and grinded their hips together. America smirked and said, "Looks painful~"
"Shut up, you git~"
America tugged off his boxers, his member dripping with precum. He looked into England's eyes lustfully. "Suck~"
England did what he was told and took America's member in his mouth. America mewled in pleasure as England started to suck harder. "O-oh, Iggy..."
He felt England deep-throating him and he couldn't resist the urge to buck his hips into England's mouth. England stroked whatever bit of America's member he couldn't suck. America thrusted into England's mouth before choking out another moan and said "I-Iggy, I...think... I'm gonna..." England pulled back before America came. "Not already~" England said.
America ripped off England's boxers and flipped England on his stomach. England gasped as America thrust in. "A-ah! America!" he moaned, his eyes tearing up. America stopped and asked "Do I need to stop?"
"N-no, move!"
America thrusted into England, slowly at first, but growing faster with each thrust. England moaned  and arched his back, bucking his hips trying to meet America's thrusts. They moaned in and out of sync as the bed creaked underneath them. "Mm, Iggy...s-so tight..."
"A-America, I-I'm so close!" England said in ecstasy.
"Ngh, so a-am I!" and with that, America released into England. England moaned, yelling out America's name as he released soon after. America stopped to catch his breath and pulled out of England. He flopped down on the bed beside him and panted. "That good..." he panted. England nodded, his body glistening with sweat. America pulled England closer and kissed his cheek. "I love you," he said.
"I love you too."
America quickly fell asleep and England giggled to himself. "I'm glad you can sleep now. Rest well, love."
WOO! My first lemon! I feel so proud of myself for actually finishing something! ^^ Please don't forget to comment and most of all, enjoy!

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya, not to me, so don't sue me. ^w^
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